Play Online Slots

Ok so your new to playing casino slots online. Well there is plenty to think about before you start playing. Lets have a look at how to play slots online for first time players..

Decisions – Decisions

First order of the day is to pick an online slots casino that you wish to play with. This is not as simple as it first seems. There are many things to think about when choosing your slots casino such as:

1) Is it a reputable casino?
2) Is it regulated by an independent body?
3) What are the payout percentages and are they regulated?
4) Is the random number generator audited on a monthly basis by independent experts?
5) What size bonus to play, what are bonuses and how do they work ?

Well I can alleviate the fears of the first 4 as all online slots sites on this website are regulated by independent bodies and all RNG (random number generator)’s are independently audited by casino slots experts. The casinos on this site are all highly regulated otherwise they would not get a license to operate within the jurisdictions that they operate. We only recommend online casinos that we ourselves would deposit and play with. If I would not risk my own money in these establishments I would not expect you to risk yours.

Online Slots Bonuses

Slots bonuses on the other hand can vary from site to site. From your no-deposit sign up bonuses to your cash match deposit bonuses they all have a part to play in making your online gaming experience more enjoyable.

No-deposit bonuses – A no-deposit bonus is exactly what it says it is. It means you do not need to deposit any money in order to play but can claim a free bonus for signing up. You may need to add your credit card details to check your age and to verify who you are, but your credit card will not be “billed” for any amount. Many casino slots sites are offering these bonuses in order to attract new customers who may not have played casino games before.

Cash match deposit bonuses – A cash match deposit bonus is an amount of money that the casino will give you in exchange for depositing and playing at that particular casino. These deposit bonuses can range from anything from 50% up to 400% cash match bonuses. That means if you deposit lets say £100 and you get a 100% cash match bonus you will get £200 in your account. That would be the £100 you deposited and £100 the casino has given you to play with.

Beware though as cash match deposit bonuses do come with rules attached. The slots bonus would usually come with a “turn requirement” which means the amount of times the bonus has to wagered in order for the money to be available for withdrawal. Lets be honest, if online casinos offered a free £100 to everyone who signed up and deposited £100 they would go out of business fast. This is why a turn requirement is needed to stop the instant withdrawal of funds. The turn requirement is a commitment from you the player to say I am willing to gamble X amount of times in order to benefit from the cash match deposit bonus. If you do not want the bonus attached to your account please contact the casino operators before you deposit your first deposit as these bonuses & “turn requirements” are automatically added to new players.