Cartoon Characters Targeted in Slot Games

The UK Gambling Commission are challenging a number of operators once more, this time they have their eyes set on cartoon characters within slot games. In an effort to reduce underage gambling, they’re looking for ways to reduce this appeal.

Child Friendly Images

Looking around on a variety of slot gaming sites, you will be able to see a cast of colourful characters. From cartoon cats to fairy tale creatures, many of these have some childlike qualities. Age checks are in place on most sites, but the appeal of these games might just be encouraging underage players to bypass these.

Top slot games like Fluffy Favourites and Pied Piper are now being hidden away on many sites, only accessible after the player has logged in. This is one step that many brands are taking to hide this content away from underage eyes.

The question of whether this really does contribute to underage gambling is a difficult one to answer. Sites like do a lot to police their players, with ID checks and a variety of checks to determine player age.

Tackling Underage Gambling

Underage gambling is a massive issue within the UK, according to figures from the Gambling Commission. A shocking 11% of 11 to 16 year olds reported that they had used their own money to gamble within a week of the UKGC survey. Of these, 0.9% were identified as being problem gamblers.

The onus of responsibility is on both the industry and the adults in these underage gamblers’ lives. The reduction of this number is imperative if the gambling industry is to survive in the long term. Otherwise, this entertainment could be seen as too dangerous in the long term.

The debate is also raging on when it comes to television advertising and the use of cartoon mascots on site too. These elements are all seen as potentially appealing to children, which is a major sticking point for the UKGC. The reduction of this harm is essential, otherwise we could see more of these rules impacting the industry in future.

As we move forward, we may see more of these regulations coming into play. There’s still very much a debate to be had about whether children find the cartoons appealing or whether they would opt to gamble nonetheless. Time will tell if this reduces the underage player numbers.