Slot machines online

Online casinos can bring the excitement of gaming right into your home. You never have to worry about travel plans or time away. You can enjoy playing any time you want and on top of that, playing slots online will increase your odds of winning rather than if you played in the land-based casinos.

Slot machines online

The machines available online are creative and fun, and include:

Classic Slots – the “traditional” slot machine with three reels, and a single payline across the middle. These machines usually come in two and three coin versions, meaning you can play up to three coins at a time. Winners are easy to see, and these slots make themselves different from each other by sometimes including special symbols like wild, or even doubling wild symbols.

Multi-Line – games generally have three reels also. But, they have more than one payline. Some multi-line slots have three paylines, one across each row. Others common machines have five paylines comprised of all three horizontals and both diagonals. A few more exciting games have 9 paylines, every column, every row, and both diagonals. These 9 payline slots usually have 9 independant reels.

Bonus Screen slots have at least one winning combination that unlocks a “Bonus Round” where players play for free and can win extra credits. There are very creative bonus games, some involving skill (these particular machines are sometimes called “skill slots”), but most involve random luck.

Video Slots – are games that generally have 5 reels, although there are 7 and even 9 reel games online. Usually there are 9 paylines at least.

Multi-Spin slots are games where after the first spin, players may “hold” or “lock” reels of the machine, and re-spin the others. Some machines allow three respins, and others allow as many as five respins.

Progressive Jackpots are slot machines that do not have a set jackpot amount. Instead, a portion of the cost of each spin is put aside in a jackpot fund. Often, many machines contribute to the same jackpot fund, so that all of the Cash Splash machines at the different online casinos contribute to the same jackpot. This helps the jackpots grow quickly.

Because slot machines are so popular, more games are being developed everyday. Most online slots can be played with coin sizes as low as a quarter, there are even nickel and penny games available.